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Hysterectomy Q&A with @theemptyuterusclub

Second advocate for Crohn’s episode with Mason

Teatime with Aunty Jam


Contrasting stories with Omer from DiverseMedEd and Mason from Autistic Advocate for Crohn’s

Today I am joined with Jess and Omer where we have great conversation. Me and Jess contrast our chronic illness stories and share our experiences within diagnosis which get’s a bit emotional. Omer talks about what what he does and we do appreciate his work. We talk about the ER experience needs to be improved or improvised for chronic illness patients. 
We say the hospital is like a school always learning – that part never really stops. This episode is about sharing the work we do, advocating, contrasting stories and it’s really good episode with great people! 3 individuals in different places in the world so each health care system is different. 
Thank you both Jess and Omer. Later this year we will return for a follow up episode because there is so much more we need to discuss!  
Thank you again Omer and Jess. 
Until the text time. 

Sexual Dysfunction on Chronic Correlations

Living Authentically With Chronic Illness

Black and white photo of Jess in her makeshift recording studio.
Episode with the Australian Medical Students’ Association

Chronic Illness Advocacy and What Needs to be Improved in the Medical System (Crohn’s & Autism Awareness Advocate)

Episode 58 – Chronic Illness Advocacy and What Needs to be Improved in the Medical System (Crohn’s & Autism Awareness Advocate)

Personal Stories

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My advice to people with disabilites on Astro Ulagram (originally written for The Unique You)


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