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What is DelicateMerch?

Delicate Little Petal has partnered with Redbubble to create its own line of merchandise – DelicateMerch!


The first release of products featured Delicate Little Petal’s original, pin-up style mascot, and we now have a few other designs that represent Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. In the future, I hope to release a broader selection of designs and would love to hear your feedback as to which conditions/messages you would like to see represented.

Why not let me know your thoughts via the contact page?

Glossy Sticker – 3.36€

Important notes for customers:

Please note: the size chart may vary significantly between items, please check it carefully before placing an order

Non-EU customers: while the price of shipping is generally low, certain items may have a significantly higher shipping cost than others.

Why buy DelicateMerch?

When you purchase one of these products you not only help keep ad-free, but you also help me continue to publish unique, well-researched articles about the issues affecting the disability and chronic illness community. You also enable me to continue spending my spare time (and spoons!) speaking on podcasts and collaborating with third parties (such as Healp.Co, AMSA and The Mighty) to help shape a better future for people of all abilities.

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If you prefer, I also welcome (and greatly appreciate!) one off donations of any amount via PayPal:

Why Redbubble?

I chose to work with Redbubble for three reasons:

  1. Ethical practises/transparent supply chain
  2. “Made to order” system to reduce carbon emissions
  3. Any import fees fully refunded to customers within the EU (woo!)

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