Medical History Passports

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Are you sick of having to convey pages of complex (and sometimes emotionally charged) medical information in high stress situations?

You need one of these! Medical History Passports is a disabled-owned business which offers fully customisable medical binders.

A standard package covers all the essentials like emergency contact information, diagnoses, surgical history, allergies and medications, with lots of optional add ons.


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The Cyclsoother is a drug and side effect free alternative (or supplement) to traditional pelvic pain relief options. For me personally, it has been more effective than any other lifestyle modification or natural treatment that I have tried. There are some small drawbacks, primarily, the sound emitted by the massaging function and the sensitivity of the buttons, but overall I believe it is likely to be a convenient addition to anyone’s pain management arsenal, and it continues to spend a quarter of my life by my side. You can read my full review of the Cyclesoother here.

The Oodie

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Valid EU & UK only

I was lucky enough to do a collaboration with The Oodie in 2022! I loved how soft and spacious the Oodie was, and how easy to get on and off. There was also plenty of space for braces and medical devices underneath; the ideal thing for staying comfy cosy on dreaded flare days!

Cannacares CBD

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Those who know me well know that CBD is a BIG part of my overall pain management strategy! However, with varying laws and production standards in different countries, I felt it was very important to educate myself on how to access safe CBD which would meet my personal needs (you can read the article I wrote about the facts vs. myths of CBD here).

As a follow up to this research, I reviewed 2 high quality brands that sold trans dermal CBD patches. The brands were selected based on the fact they were affordable, provided third party lab analysis to consumers, and did not make any misleading claims about the products. At the time of writing this review I did not have any affiliation with either brand, however, I am now very pleased to be an affiliate of Cannacares CBD, a wonderful and effective UK based-brand!