This website would not be possible without the help and support of many amazing people.

A huge thank you to The Mighty for publishing my first opinion piece and giving me the confidence to start this long awaited project.

Similarly, thank you to Wishbone Words for publishing my first poem, and helping me realise that I want a future in writing and editing (and thus giving me the necessary kick up the butt the take my work to the next level!).

I also owe a big thank you to my parents for supporting and validating me throughout my rapidly changing life, and for raising me to believe that no matter the circumstances, I am capable of leading a life full of positive growth and autonomy.

Thank you to my dear, lifelong friends in Australia who have stuck by me no matter what, made an effort to keep in touch with me from the other side of the world, and taken the time to learn about my disabilities. You know who you are <3

Thank you to my new friends for showing me the ropes of the Belgian healthcare system (and of Belgium in general!) and for making yourselves available to accompany me to appointments (and to let me complain to you on park benches during the pandemic). Without your support, I would never have been able to carve out the head-space to start this website.

Finally, I can’t say a big enough thank you to my amazing partner Haydn. Thank you for being so patient with my endless questions about HTML, WordPress, and which button I need to press to see photo dimensions. Thank you for fixing my code and for explaining that I need to actually activate my plugins before I start b*tching about how they don’t work. Most of all though, thank you for believing in me. I have never seen you express even a fleeting moment of doubt that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, even when I have no idea what I’m doing. We have been on quite the journey together over the past couple of years, and you’ve educated yourself about a whole new world for me, and in the process become an amazing ally not just to me, but to all disabled people.

Patron shout-outs!

Patrons help me cover the costs of website maintenance such as domain hosting and anti-spam. They also ensure that I can continue to devote an adequate amount of time to producing well-researched articles about the issues affecting our community, as well as working with third-parties to shape a better future for people of all abilities, all whilst protecting my fragile energy reserves and undergoing extensive treatment for my various disabilities. They help keep the site ad-free and ensure that it has a sustainable future with continued growth.

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Steven P – Terrific musician and music educator, loyal friend and father.

Carissa D – Writer, opera lover, and facilitator of music education programs around Australia, patient and a hard worker.

Sarah W – Brilliant writer, editor, and communications and marketing officer in the not-for-profit sector. Mental health advocate, fighting for the social equity of people from all walks of life.

Grateful Little Petals

David H – Business student, Christmas retail warrior, vintage record afficionado, and one of the kindest humans out there.

Kit M – Musician, educator, radio personality, most organised person in any room.

Kim H – Teacher, musician and a beautiful dancer, great sense of humour and an adventurous spirit.

Poetic Little Petals

Shirley G – retired nurse and fellow chronic illness warrior, amazing baker and crafter.

Dapper Little Petals

Haydn R – Belgium’s no. 1 disability ally, also very handsome.